What to do when your bored? 16 things to treat boredom

What to do when your bored

iam bored what to do when bored.

Things to do when you are bored

If you feel bored then this is totally normal some times we do boring stuff. i also have boring times in my life i try to think of something to do when iam bored but nothing comes to my mind (Can you relate to that?). If you can then you know how hard that is i did the hard work for you its time to become free from boredom and enjoy your day.

Definition of bored?

feeling weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity. (found by google). So if you feel bored for some things you can be interested in other things that you normally dont do. Trying new things maybe will help you to find new hobby’s and will take your boredom away from you

List of things to do when you are bored

Reading a book.

It might seems bit boring but when you get into it you don’t want to stop reading anymore. Reading good book will take you away from the realty and relaxes your mind and when your mind is relaxed your body and soul will also be relaxed. I mentioned 20 books to read in my previous blog make sure to read that.

Working out.

Working out will get you active and release the boredom. You don’t need a gym membership to work out you can do it at home or on the street. Youtube has a lot of gym video’s to show you so you can improve your self.

Make a list.

Get a pen and paper to write your life goals and dreams that you want to accomplish. Do not do this on a pc or your phone a pen and a paper will do the right work for you. Writing will release your boredom and it makes you productive by writing your dreams. Thinking positive about your dreams and realising it also will take boredom away.

take care of your self.

Get it up together get your nails done or for men to shave your beard, taking a nice bath, putting your natural face mask on and get everything fresh on your body.

playing games.

Play a game that requires a bit effort to grow in the game. Games like this will take your time and consuming time is the best way to kill boredom.


Meditation will release the boredom the fastest way possible because meditation will relaxen your brain and soul like reading a book.

learn how to make money.

Learning new thing will increase your dopamine levels if you want to be released from boredom + you want to make money online then you can read my previous blog.(how to make money online?)

Get it together!

Clean your room and get everything sorted again. This will take at least 30-60 minits and when sombody visits your room you know its clean.

call somone.

If you usually like to text with your friends make a difference this time and call them or maybe factime. Engage in a good conversation if they have time and spend a good time with your friend.

try to make new friends.

If you are a introvert then this is a better way to become less bored. Make some new friends or even a girlfriend there are thousands off dating/friend app to meet new people. If you want you can do it on the street, bus station, shopping mall etc by talking to a random person.


Try an adult coloring book this will also release boredom. Don’t forget you pencils.

Search music.

Search for your favorite music and make a playlist for the next time to rock it in you car.

Look at your old photo’s.

You can do this by looking at the old photo’s in your phone or if you have a photobook from you and your family take a look at that. Enjoy the memories and share them with your family and friends.

Talk to the camera.

Get in front of your phone and record your self this can be video or audio. Talk about a topic that you love to talk about and listen to it afterwards.

take a ride.

If you have a car, scooter or a bike take a ride on it this will release the boredom. If you have non of them take the bus or take a walk.

look at memes or funny video’s.

Lokking at memes or funny videos will get your dopamine levels high again and release the boredom.

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