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Everyone needs a support some time like a pick-me-ups. Positive affirmations are simple but meaningful that can change you to a positive human being if you repeat it every day. When we repeat positive affirmations every day especially in the morning we start to become self aware, we change negative thought patterns and rewire our brains for positivity. Positive affirmations can help us to feel better about our self or help achieving our goals.

Example of the benefits from positive affirmations

This Video will explain the effects of positive affirmations on our brain and how affirmations help us in general.

Benefits of using positive affirmations

There’s an affirmation for every single situation. Positive affirmations boost energy and negative thoughts drain our energy. İt’s easy to get caught in the cycle of negative emotions.

Affirmations help us to feel connected with ourselves. We need to practice affirmations every day and especially in the morning to see benefits. Repeat your chosen positive affirmation in the morning and through out the day and if you keep the good work up you will see changes.

examples of powerful affirmations

  • I can’t control others.
  • I love myself.
  • I can change my thoughts.
  • İ am a leader
  • I am resilient.
  • I am worthy of love.
  • İ am a lone wolf
  • I am brave.
  • I surrender to the universe.
  • İ can achieve my ambitions

List of positive affirmations

positive affirmations for work

  • İ will invest in myself because i am worth it.
  • İ have to work even if i don’t feel like it.
  • İ am open and receptive to new avenues of income.
  • My income is constantly increasing.
  • İ love my work and my co workers.
  • İ am excited to go to work.
  • İ am not letting bad days distract me from my goals.
  • My wins are coming soon, patience will get me there.
  • My work fullfils, inspires and excite me.
  • No one has the power to stop my dreams from coming true.
  • İ am focussed at my work and energetic in all that i do.
  • İ know that i can do better, so instead of settling, i’m going to do better.
  • İ am not where i want to be yet i need to work for me dreams.
  • İ am successful in the work i do.
  • All of the hard work is going to pay off.
  • İ deserve the best and will accept the best now.
  • İ am going to accomplish my goals that i written down.
  • İ am going to push forward even when iam feeling tired.

positive affirmations for anxiety

  • İ forgive myself and my mistakes.
  • İ trust the process of my life.
  • İ am loved, and i am at peace.
  • My positive toughts help create my healthy body.
  • İ love and approve myself.
  • İ deserve all that is good.
  • İt is safe for me to speak up for myself.
  • İt is normal to feel anxious at some moments in life.
  • İ experience love wherever i go.
  • İ don’t need to prove anything to anyone.
  • İ can’t control others.
  • The past is over, the future is bright.
  • İ am in the process of positive changes.
  • İ accept myself.
  • İ am ready to get rid of negative emotions and tension, fear and stress.
  • İ have the power to make changes.
  • Everything is going to be okay.
  • İ am healing now.
  • Depression will not defeat me, i am more than this.
  • My mistakes do not define me.
  • Negative thoughts do not define me.
  • İ deserve to be happy.
  • İ’m proud off all i have accomplished.
  • İ am my best source of motivation.
  • İ can motivate my self.
  • İ am blessed.

positive affirmations for success

  • İ am and always will be enough.
  • İ have anything i need to face any obstacle that come my way.
  • İ will celebrate each goal i accomplish.
  • İ have the courage to create positive change in my life.
  • İ made my decisions on my own, for my own future.
  • İ trust my instinct.
  • İ trust in the decision i made even if i’m second guessing myself.
  • İ will push forward even if i don’t feel like it.
  • İ don’t need to feel motivated to take actions.
  • İ get motivated when i start doing something.
  • İ need and want to work for my dreams.
  • İ have unlimited power.
  • Success is more than a word for me.
  • İ work hard to play hard.
  • My actions are going to pay off.
  • Working to my goals makes me happy.

positive affirmations for men

  • İ am confident, strong and powerful.
  • İ believe in my self.
  • İ am alpha.
  • İ fight for myself and my beliefs, dreams and future.
  • İ boldly approach every challenge.
  • İ am done being used and taken advantage of.
  • İ can handle the pressure.
  • İ can control what i do, i can’t control what they think, say or do.
  • İ am confident in social situations.
  • İ don’t try to impress people i am who i am.
  • İf people don’t like me then they don’t i am who i am.
  • İ never let people destoy myself by their actions or words.
  • İ won’t let anyone break me down.
  • İ am worth it.


  • I deserve to feel safe, comfortable and confident in this body.
  • My body is perfect the way it is.
  • I love living in my divine female body.
  • I am confident in my sexuality.
  • The universe has my back, always.
  • I commit to living a joyful and happy life.
  • I choose happiness of this moment, and not pain of the past.
  • İ don’t think about the past i focus on the future.
  • A happy, joyful life is being created for me right now.
  • Everywhere I go, I attract joy and happiness.
  • I can powerfuly attract what I want.
  • I am worthy of accomplishment, success, and abundance.
  • The world is filled with endless opportunities for me.
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