How to get rid of brain fog?

How to get rid of brain fog?

why do i have brain fog
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Why do i get brain fog? and how to get rid of it.

You’ve searched but couldn’t find any information that would help you to treat your brain fog symptoms. İ was like you i was reading all the blogs available to hope for a solution to treat my symptoms but i couldn’t find anything helpful. But after doing my research and staying dedicated to solve my problem helped me to cure brain fog.

brain fog symptoms

1. lack of Concentration

When you can’t concentrate every little mental task is becoming hard to do for you. Rather than focussing on something your mind just wanders off. Getting things done is getting more difficult. Sometimes even talking gets hard when you can’t remember what you want to say or when you can’t find the right words to accurately express your feelings.

2. forgetfulness

Brain fog can affect your ability to remember different kinds of information. İt can cause you to forget about your academic material, personal memories, the past and even what you want to say.

3. can’t express yourself

İf you feeling foggy in your brain then one of the symptoms is that you can’t express your feelings. You can’t find the right words to express your self while communicating. This can effect you social life and the work you do.

4. Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is that you have extreme fatigue or tiredness that doesn’t go away when rested. İf you are restless every day then maybe you have fatigue.

5. not feeling complete

When your not feeling complete and can’t think like you used to think this effects all aspects of your live. You can have those symptoms feeling unmotivated, unproductive, your constantly feeling hungover or depressed.

causes of brain fog

1. coffee and tea

Reduce coffee and tea intake or quit for a month to see the improvements. Drinking fluids that are high in caffeine can cause brain fog. Also coffee and tea affects your sleep quality, that you are sleeping doesn’t mean your resting think about it. Caffeine has a half life of 6 hours so if you drink 400mg of caffeine 200mg will stay in your system after 6 hours. Read more about How To Quit Caffeine?

2. medications

Check your medications to see if you are allergic to some ingredients in it. Or talk to your doctor about lowering the dosage or switching to an alternative.

3. poor Sleep

Poor sleep quality can interfere on how well your brain functions. The recommended time to sleep is about 7 to 9 hours a day. İf you consume caffeine this can effect the quality of sleep your having. No matter how long you sleep caffeine causes you to rest less then when you don’t consume caffeine.

4. stress

Stress can increase the bloodpressure, weaken the immune system, trigger depression and can cause mental fatigue.

5. vitamine b12

Vitamine B12 is important for nerves and heallthy blood. İf you don’t have enough of it, you may find it hard to focus.


Nicotine affects cognitive functioning, particularly memory and attention. So how do you expect your body to function right when you are feeding your body with toxins. Quit smoking if you do smoke, get some help or use Champix to fight nicotine.

7. gut health

The brain and the gut are connected to each other. Poor gut health can lead to poor brain health and other symptoms. Try to replace fast foods, foods that are high in fat, foods that are high in sugar with a healthier option.

8. sugar

Eating to much processed sugar can cause unstable blood sugar. Blood sugar that is to low or to high means that neurons are not receiving the energy they need to dunction and this can cause brain fog.

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