12 Amazing Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier


This blog post will show you 12 amazing gadgets that will make your life easier. i have selected a variation of gadgets that i think are really impressive. Some of those gadgets i have at home and they made my life easier. Most of those gadgets are more for indoor use but there are a few for outdoor use. I attached the link to Amazon also so it is easier to purchase it. If you like blog posts about amazing gadgets please leave a comment about it and i will post more of it. Gadgets are awsome no wonder everyone likes them:)

1. Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum and Mop

11 amazing gadgets that make life easier
Author: amrobt
source: https://amzn.to/2Vrh6uC

This gadget is like your third hand. It mops and vacuums the house for you while you relaxing and making time for yourself.You can control it with your phone and this little monster is smarter than you think.

2. Portable Projector, 360° Speaker

Protable projector life changing gadgets
Author: Anker Nebula
source: https://amzn.to/3btn6bI

This soda can-sized pocket projector creates any flat surface in to a big cinema screen. Watching videos and movies with this device will give you a different feeling because of the 360° sound effect. Imagine you own cinema at your house it would cost a lot, but this device creates your own cinema for a lot less.

3. Keychain Mini Beer Bottle Opener

mini bottle opener open your bottle where ever you are

We all Know The Scenario. You’ve got your beer but you don’t have an opener. This is not the scenario you want to be in. With this bottle opener we can forget about that and enjoy our day. This will last a lifetime.

4. Bag Sealer

bag sealer gadget that keeps food fresh

Yummy when its stored properly. Keep your chips fresh and enjoy the taste of it every day again.This gadget is amazing in my opinion and changed my storage time of foods a lot.

5. couchcoaster

couchcoaster GADGETS mak elife easier

After a long working day the only thing you want to do is take a break right? We want to get a drink and relax on our couch but there is one problem. Couches don’t have cup holders! Nobody wants to reach to get his cup every time he want a sip of it. This gadget is the ultime hack for your comfort.

6. Steel ice cubes

steel ice cubes gadget
Author: Amerigo
source: https://amzn.to/2zbEL9F

Water ice cubes are ruining our drink by mixing it with water. The steel ice cubes are the perfect solution to drink a good wiskey and not wiskey/water. How the steel ice cubes look are amazing. I think that this gadget makes our lives more luxory and enjoyable.

7. Non-Contact Laser Temperature Gun

virus laser temperature gun

This gadget can safe your life. 2020 didn’t begin good for us but i have hope that it will become a lot better after we win the war with the virus. You can use this gadget to mesure temperature before entering a friends house or letting somone in your car/home. Stay Safe.

8. Electric Jar Opener

electric jar opener elderly can't open their jars this gadget will help them
Author: Expertcun
source: https://amzn.to/2VLXiB1

This gadget is an amazing jar opener. Perfect for the elderly to use it when nobody is around them. Opening a jar can be hard sometimes. When was the last time you couldn’t open it?

9. Portable Scanner

protable scanner scan whenever you need to

This gadget will help business mens and students to make their job a lot easier. Scanning something has never become so easy. Scan important documents and photos on-the-go when no copier is available.

10. Mobile Game Controlle

Play games like you never played

Playing games on your mobile is a fun thing to do but sometimes it can be irritating, for instance when your phone screen is sticky and you can’t play properly. Or when your hands are getting cramp. This game controller can last up to 10 hours. Playing with a controller feels really different on mobile and you play as a pro.

11. Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

Author: Fujifilm instax
source: https://amzn.to/34RKdu6

Make a special moment a bit more special with this mini printer. Print instantly in about 12 seconds and re-print if you need more. Install the Instax app and your ready to go. You can also print pictures out of your videos. This is a fun and special way to make memories.

12. Webcam Cover


Webcam cover can protect you when you are un aware of hackers that might be in you phone or laptop. Protect your privacy you never know when something is gonna happen. I use Webcam covers on my devices they are simple to attach and you only do it once.


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